Class #6 (June 1): LaRouche, Russian Intelligentsia, and the birth of the World Land-Bridge

Featured speaker: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder Schiller Institute

After the fall of the Soviet Union, LaRouche was acclaimed as a profound, unique thinker by members of the Russian intelligentsia, who invited him to that nation to speak to scientific, governmental, and cultural groups. LaRouche's objective as seen in the SDI--the objective of creating a new security architecture for the world--took new form in proposals for common development, proposals that have become the World Land-Bridge and are echoed in the China's Belt and Road Initiative. Russia is not a threat to world peace or the well-being of the United States. Rather, the British-directed attempts to sew discord and create conflict between the United States and (principally) Russia and China, are the greatest threats to realizing the new paradigm of economics, science, and culture that can drive humanity to its next renaissance!

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