3 — Physical Chemistry: Stages of Development

October 18, 2017 — Building on the concept of the productive powers of labor, we cover the most important shifts in technological level, which, over historical time, have brought about new eras of human history. These incommensurable improvements, based on new knowledge, demand new vocabularies.


  1. Name a specific branch of industry or a particular manufactured product that interests you. It has to be one that has existed in some form for at least 30 years. (Computers are fine, but not smartphones, please.)
  2. Research the industry or product and briefly describe two significant changes in the production process. What enabled the use of those new processes?


Reading for next class:

Read the first five pages on the website Non-Quantitative Change, up through and including “Cantor: The Uncountable Continuum, Part 2.” This includes the video on Cantor. (The video on Riemann’s habilitation dissertation can be saved for the following week.)

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