Reanimating an Actual Economy

The six-part class series (which ran from Nov 30, 2019 through Jan 18, 2020) debunked the disastrous economic policies ruining most economies today through a demonstration of Lyndon LaRouche's superior economic method (a method that actually forecast the 2008 crash). Participants engaged in an in-depth work-through of a 2006 paper he wrote, entitled “Why the Senate’s Intelligence Has Failed: Reanimating an Actual Economy” (html / pdf), which launched a project of education led by Mr. LaRouche: his "Basement" project. LaRouche's intention was to establish new scientific leadership which could orient society towards an understanding of physical economy.

In this essay, Lyndon LaRouche launched a new project of education and economics: his "Basement" project, to establish new scientific leadership which could orient society towards an understanding of physical economy. LaRouche demonstrates the fallacy of approaching economics (and history) with a purely statistical approach, using Kepler’s treatment of the planetary orbits to convey the necessary, dynamic approach to economics:

“The study of the implications of Kepler’s principal discoveries … is the best historically-grounded approach to prompting the student’s ability to locate science in discovery of the experimental form of expression of universal physical principles per se, thus freeing the student from the dumbing-down effects of today’s common ontological malpractice…” 

Today, the need for this educated citizen-leadership is greater than ever! Join us in this participatory class series. Below are the classes and the assigned readings and videos for you to review before each class.

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