Class #5, Feb 2: Friedrich Schiller, The Poet of Freedom

Speaker: Will Wertz

In his essay entitled “Can We Change the Universe?” Lyndon LaRouche wrote: “Schiller’s greatest achievement, beyond what Shakespeare accomplished at his best, lies in Schiller’s degree of emphasis upon the principle of the sublime.” The fundamental issue facing humanity today is whether a great moment finds a small-minded people, which would lead to a tragic result, such as occurred in the French Revolution, or whether present moment finds individuals, who like Joan of Arc, are capable of acting sublimely in behalf of all of humanity.

This class focuses on the distinction between the sublime as expressed in Schiller’s play “The Virgin of Orleans” and in his essays on the Sublime and tragedy as expressed in his Wallenstein trilogy and his play Don Carlos. Other works by Schiller will be drawn on such as the Legislation of Lycurgus and Solon to contrast the imperial, oligarchical model of human society established in Sparta to the republican model of human society established in Athens, which serves as a metaphor for the contrast today between the Anglo-Dutch or British imperial model versus the American system. Overall, Schiller’s notion, as expressed in his Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man, that political freedom is only possible through the role of beautiful art in educating the emotions of the individual so that he or she acts freely based on Agape (love) rather in a Kantian manner, based merely on obeying external moral precepts, will be developed as the prerequisite for ensuring durable political change.

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  • Jason Ross
    commented 2019-02-04 12:29:00 -0500
    I want to say “thank you” to everyone who wrote in during the class. Your participation enriches the discussion!
  • Vincent Ruane
    commented 2019-02-02 16:32:46 -0500
    Imagination sees better than a thousand telescope lenses. Vincent Ruane
  • Lawrence Henni
    commented 2019-02-02 16:19:17 -0500
    Does the part, “of, by and for each and all”, actually display the process to facilitate Agape?
  • Timothy McMillen
    commented 2019-02-02 12:56:13 -0500
    It is far past time for humanity to be given a chance at true peacefull growth and prosperity ,Also mankind’s advancement in all areas would have been much grander if we all were not ,Stupified with and over denied TRUE knoledge of a worlds people , We all have been ( DUMBED ) or knoledge (Dupped) if I might say suppressed and can’t truly think appropriately great men of knoledge have been killed by jellous power hungry greedy elliets striveing through propaganda and powerplays , throughly disrupting potential and destined growth for Richous science , richous space growth , and therefore Richous human growth for great potential of mankind’s advancements and yes now is the time to think acumulatively twards a common great advancement growth and potential ps I personally believe that thee Great Library at Alexanderia was looted and is still on our planet I know where but most wont believe this is true,fact but our history has been hijact as well and yet again in this action mankind advancements have been Stiffeled to the point of oligarqui control of humanity.
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