#1, Jan 5: The Creative Powers of the Human Mind Reflect the Underlying, Creative Principle of the Universe as a Whole

SPEAKER: Bruce Director, Author of “Riemann for Anti-Dummies” and many other works on the history of science

This first class of the series will focus on LaRouche’s demonstration that the creative powers of the human mind reflect an underlying, ontological, creative principle in the universe as a whole. In short, the deeply held belief that the entropy of the universe is always increasing is not only demonstrably false, it is clinically insane. Unless this pervasive insanity is corrected, there can be no real recovery and emergence of a new economic order based on unlimited human progress.

The class presents LaRouche’s concept of anti-entropy as a unique contribution to human knowledge with antecedents in the discoveries of Cusa, Kepler, Leibniz, Gauss, Riemann, Planck and Einstein (the latter will be covered more in depth in the subsequent classes). Couched in the framework of economic science, LaRouche’s concept of anti-entropy has broad implications for all areas of science, including physics and biology, as well as the arts. It lays the basis for resolving many of the outstanding questions in science and poses new ones that define the frontier areas of the future economy.

Thus, LaRouche’s discovery forms the framework for any competent discussion of economic and social policy.

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    we’re not saying “it cannot be done” we’re saying it hasn’t`t been done yet.
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